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ACTYVO – the world’s first road cycling app to challenge anybody.
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The App

Reinventing cycling app technology

Technology that lets you challenge anybody around
the world – outdoors

The ACTYVO APP enables road cycling races regardless of the geographical location or topography of the route used by the individual cyclist. No matter where in the world your route is located, the ACTYVO APP, makes a direct comparison of all challengers' performance possible and ranks them on a global ranking.


App features

The technology that creates worldwide cycling challenges.

State-of-the-art app useability

The intuitive experience and usability are supported by GPS tracking of the newest generation. The in-challenge audio and the Strava share-function make this app a cyclists favorite.

Unique tracking

and algorithm

The algorithm compares values such as distance, speed, your route topography (elevation) and more. The result of a rides output is the own unit, the ACTYVOLTS. The higher this scoring value, the better the performance provided and thus better placed in the ranking.

Worldwide challenge
ranking list

Basically, every participant can ride and complete his CHALLENGE on his favorite outdoor route – or wherever he/she is in the world. The global ranking list will motivate anybody to get faster, and climb higher in his/her next challenge.

How the challenge works


Choose your distance

The first step is to choose the distance for your next challenge.

New Ride Part 1.png
New Ride Part 2


Start the challenge and race against anybody

Get your bike ready, choose your route smartly and start your challenge. The in-race screen shows your current state and live tracking including several race data. Go for all!


Compare yourself on the global ranking list

Once you’ve finished the challenge upload your picture, screen your riding results and share it with your friends and followers on Strava.

On the global ranking list you can compare yourself to anybody around the world participated in the current challenge (same distance).

New Ride Part 3

6 check boxes for
a successful challenge

Choose your desired CHALLENGE distance and think about the perfect


Follow the local traffic rules and governmental regulations

Reaching the distance (target = distance KM) must be within a 5km radius of the starting point

The algorithm calculates your performance and compares it with all other participants

A challenge cannot be paused, the time continues to run until the target distance is reached

Share your performance with the integrated Strava connector


Our story

From cyclists for cyclists, and from developers too

Road cycling is one of the most popular sports in the world. There are globally millions road cyclists on the road who regularly maintain their fitness and health on their bikes. These athletes move across all performance classes, genders, age categories and other criteria. Many of these road cyclists have the desire to compete and to compare their performance with others outdoors. The ACTYVO APP makes this possible!


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