How it works

Can I manually end a started ride before reaching the selected distance?

Yes, this is also possible. You can end your ride manually at any time (press the "End Ride" button). Manually and thus prematurely ended CHALLENGE rides are not shown in the rankings.

Can I record and upload my ride with/from a bike computer?

No, for reasons of comparability and to protect against manipulation, no rides recorded by devices other than your smartphone and the installed app will be allowed and considered. But who knows what the future brings.

Do I need an online connection to record my rides?

You only need an online connection to log into the app You only need an online connection to log into the app and call up...

How are ACTYVOLTS calculated?

The ACTYVOLTS (the unit of ride results) are calculated outside the app using a complex but very accurate algorithm...

How is the altitude profile (altitude data) of the rides determined?

When recording the journey via smartphone, only the lat/lon data of the route are recorded and used for the calculation of the ACTYVOLTS...

Is there a time limit for started rides / distances?

If a started ride is not finished by crossing the finish line or by manually aborting, the app automatically terminates the ride after 15 hours. Although this trip is listed in the Activity History, but it is not included in any rankings.

What happens if I've completed the distance but I'm not yet in the 5km finish radius?

In this case, you must continue the ride until you enter the finish radius. The app recognizes this and then finishes...

What is a Virtual Pacer and how does it work?

You can compete in both a FREE RIDE and a CHALLENGE RIDE with/against a Virtual Pacer that can serve you as a virtual opponent...

What is the result of my ride which is compared with other participants and reflects my performance in the ranking?

From the data of each ride, ACTYVOLTS are calculated on the basis of the individual route (distance, driving time, altitude profile)...

What should I consider when using the app to record a ride on my mobile phone?

In order to use as little battery as possible on your device, we recommend to close apps on your device that you do not really need during your ride.

When can I start my rides?

Rides with the app can be started at any time between 4am and 9pm (local time). Started rides can be finished at any time (even after 9pm0).

Which data are not taken into account or neglected in the ACTYVOLTS calculation?

Wind and precipitation along the route driven - the wind is compensated as much as possible by means of a finish radius specification (5 km / 3.1 mi), ...