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What is the idea behind the ACTYVO Cycling & Challenges app?

There are many millions of road cyclists around the globe, many of whom wish to compete with other cyclists and compare their performances.

The ACTYVO Cycling & Challenges app makes this possible!

No matter the location or route, the ACTYVO platform can compare ride-performances for

different route profiles. Thus, all those interested in road cycling competitions worldwide can participate without having to travel to a specific venue. This saves resources and is sustainable. It requires no arrival and departure for bike races, no elaborate travel preparations. Ideally, the rides can be started and ended on the doorstep as long as the participant's favorite routes are nearby. With the ACTYVO Cycling & Challenges app, subscribers can participate in competitions in various categories and compete against others at almost any time every day. The comparison with participants from other countries and continents can practically always take place.


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