Registration / Login / Subscription

Can I edit my personal information after registration?

Yes, you can change / customize some of your personal data in the app under "Profile".

Can I register and log in at any time?

Yes, registration and login can be done at any time.

How and why do I have to register and log in to use the app?

A registration and opening of a user account is necessary so that the app knows who you are. When registering, your personal LOGIN is also created with which you identify yourself in the app.

How long can I use the app for free before I decide to subscribe?

As soon as you register and create an account, you will automatically receive the app for free use for 30 days. At the end of the trial period, you can buy a startfee subscription (3 months or 12 months) with which you can continue to participate in competitions / CHALLENGES.

How much does a CHALLENGE startfee subscription cost to participate in competitions with the app?

The prices for the startfee subscriptions (3 months or 12 months) are shown during registration process.

What are the options for registration and login?

Registration can take place on the website or you download the app from the store to your smartphone in advance and register in the app.

What happens if I cannot decide to purchase a subscription after the free trial period (4 weeks) has expired?

If you do not want to buy a subscription after the 30 days, you can only use the app for "FREE RIDES", but you can not participate in CHALLENGES and thus not be included in any ranking list or win any price money.

What is the minimum age to use the app and participate in competitions (CHALLENGES)?

The minimum age is 16 years