FAQ General

How can I contact the provider of the app (ACTYVO) if I have any further questions?

You find a CHAT function (in-app chat) in the app under "INFO", so you can contact ACTYVO directly - or you can email to contact(at)actyvo.app

How often can I participate in CHALLENGES?

You can participate in CHALLENGES as often as you like

Is there a minimum age to participate in the competitions (CHALLENGES)?

The minimum age is 16 years

Is there any prize money to be won?

There are also prize money awards for some events

What can I do with the ACTYVO Cycling & Challenges app?

The app offers you the following possibilities.

What is the idea behind the ACTYVO Cycling & Challenges app?

There are many millions of road cyclists in the world. Many of them want to compete with other cyclists and compare themselves with the performances of others.

Where can I find the app to download it to my smartphone?

The ACTYVO Cycling & Challenges app will be available in the Apple and Google Play Stores from mid of September 2022.