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What can I do with the ACTYVO Cycling & Challenges app?

The app offers the following possibilities:

FREE RIDES – this allows you to make rides over the selectable distances and you have the opportunity to compete against (and with) a virtual pacer to compete with it. With FREE RIDES there is no obligation to finish the ride within a finish radius to compensate for the influence of wind direction and strength. You can therefore drive from A to B as desired. FREE RIDES and their results are not shown in rankings.

CHALLENGE RIDES – are rides on the selectable distances (categories) which must be completed within a finish radius (5 km / 3.1 mi from the starting point) to compensate for the influence of the wind. It can also be competed against a virtual pacer (optional).

CHALLENGE RIDES will be included in rankings and you can compete with all other participants on the selected distance (category), no matter where their rides were made.

SPECIAL EVENTS – are rides under the rules of the CHALLENGES, but eventually other distances (categories) or special conditions (e.g. minimum altitude meters etc.) can be specified. Starts at SPECIAL EVENTS are available for a limited time (e.g. only one calendar day or one weekend) and can also award prize money. You can find the offered SPECIAL EVENTS in the EVENT list (Event Calendar).

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