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What is a Virtual Pacer and how does it work?

You can compete in both a FREE RIDE and a CHALLENGE RIDE with/against a Virtual Pacer that can serve you as a virtual opponent. To do this, activate the Virtual Pacer in the app before starting your ride and select the average speed of your ride that you want. Also tell the app whether the Virtual Pacer should start at the same time as you or with a time delay (0 – 20 min). If the pacer starts with a time delay, it will reach the distance you have chosen at the time that corresponds to the average speed you have chosen.

An example: your distance 100 km (62.14 mi) – desired speed 25 km/h (15.53 mph); if you drive faster than the 25 km/h over the 100 km, then you finish in front of the pacer (regardless of the pacer's start time delay), if you end up slower than the 25 km/h average speed, then the pacer overtakes you before the finish and finishes the distance in front of you.

The start time delay of the Pacer should only serve you to keep the Pacer behind you. The pacer speed adapts to the average speed you choose (the more delay, the faster the pacer is on average to the finish line).

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