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Which CHALLENGE rankings are there?

There are rankings of the CHALLENGES and the CHALLENGE SERIES

CHALLENGES: per distance

Daily ranking – ranked according to ACTYVOLTS / participants (here more than 1 ride per participant can appear in the ranking)

Weekly ranking – the best ride (with the highest ACTYVOLTS) of each week / participant

Monthly ranking – the best ride of each month / participant

Annual ranking – the best ride of the year (calendar year) / participant

CHALLENGE SERIES: per distance

Monthly ranking – the 6 best rides of the month (from the CHALLENGE Daily ranking) are added per participant (if the participant has made less than 6 rides, then fewer rides/ratings are added – e.g. only 4 rides per month)

Annual ranking – the supreme discipline of the application, here the best 6 monthly ratings (from the CHALLENGE monthly ranking) are added and considered – here also applies, if the participant has less than 6 monthly results, fewer results are considered/added as well.

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What happens if I don't have an online connection?

As long as the data from your smartphone cannot be transfmitted to the backend / system, your result will not be included yet in the rankings. For current rankings, however, you need an online connect


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