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Why do the rankings still change after my ride?

The reference for the assignment of a ride in the rankings is the start time based on the local time of the user. Since the app is used worldwide and therefore different time zones are taken into account, the final Daily ranking is only available when the last participant in the last time zone has finished his ride and transmitted the data to the backend to calculate the ACTYVOLTS of his ride. Therefore, e.g. Daily rankings for participants in Asia are only finally available at the end of the following day. Since the results of individual rides can also have an impact on Weekly, Monthly and Annual rankings, these are only valid after this period has expired. The same applies to rankings of the CHALLENGE SERIES and SPECIAL EVENTS.

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What happens if I don't have an online connection?

As long as the data from your smartphone cannot be transfmitted to the backend / system, your result will not be included yet in the rankings. For current rankings, however, you need an online connect


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