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The ACTYVO Cycling & Challenge app enables a performance comparison on different routes and their cycling route profiles. No matter where in the world cyclists can measure themselves against each other and participate in a competition without having to take on a large logistical effort and costs. The organiser (ACTYVO) appeals to all participating cyclists to adhere to the principle of FAIR PLAY. ACTYVO wishes all users of the app a lot of fun and motivation with the application and in the competitions! ACTYVO will do its best to run the application as fair and accurate as possible to give all users a great experience.




To participate in CHALLENGE competitions, the mobile app "ACTYVO Cycling & Challenges" must be downloaded and installed on a smartphone. The app is available for free download from the Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) app stores. The OS minimum requirement of the app is iOS 14 or Android 8.



Users must create a user account for identification purposes. Information on email, first name, last name, username, gender, date of birth, address and nationality must be provided. This user information will be taken into account in the ranking lists for filtering purposes, e.g. gender, age groups, nationality. Only the user name will be published in the ranking lists. After completing the registration, users will receive the LOGIN data for identification in the mobile app by email.




Each participant receives a personal, individual identification by means of LOGIN data (email, password) through the system when registering their user account. The email address serves as a unique assignment of the user to the user account. A user account can only be created once for each email address. User accounts cannot be linked to other accounts. By registering and opening a user account, the user confirms that it is forbidden for other participants to pass on their own UserID (LOGIN data) for the use of the ACTYVO Cycling & Challenges App. It is also not allowed to use the personal LOGIN for a CHALLENGE RIDE on several devices at the same time. Violations will result in disqualification or nonconsideration of the scores of the ride. The organiser reserves the right to block or delete user accounts without refund of paid fees in case of misuse.



SMARTPHONES with barometer sensor


The barometric data from the users' smartphones during the recorded rides is used to record the altitude profiles of a ridden route. It is therefore necessary to use a smartphone with a built-in barometer sensor in order to participate in CHALLENGE competitions. Participation in the CHALLENGE competitions is only possible with the ACTYVO Cycling & Challenge App. No external tracking devices (e.g. Garmin bike computer etc) can be used to record the rides. Uploading data from external devices to the ACTYVO system is not possible. The app checks whether the smartphone used has a barometric sensor installed. CHALLENGE rides are only possible if a barometric sensor is installed in the smartphone. Note: the vast majority of newer smartphones (iPhones from version 6S, most newer Android devices) already have a barometric sensor.




The CHALLENGE competitions are open to people aged 16 years and older who hold a valid and paid subscription for the period of the CHALLENGE competitions announced. These conditions of participation, in the version valid at the time of registration, are an integral part of the contract between the organiser and the user/participant. Changes announced by the organiser on or in the app up to the start of a CHALLENGE competition are supplementary parts of the contract.





There are 2 types of rides offered in the App: FREE RIDES and CHALLENGE RIDES. A CHALLENGE RIDE must be selected in order to enter competitions and be included in the leaderboards. FREE RIDES and their results are not included in the rankings.



FINISH RADIUS (5 km / 3.1mi)


CHALLENGE RIDES must be finished within a radius of 5 km / 3.1 mi from the starting point. This rule applies in order to compensate as far as possible for the effects of the wind. Therefore, competitors in CHALLENGE competitions should plan and select the chosen route so that the course or its distance ends within this 5 km / 3.1 mi radius from the starting point of the ride. If the competitor is still outside the finish radius when he/she reaches the finish distance, he/she must continue the ride until he/she enters the radius in order to finish the ride. It should be noted that it is not a great disadvantage in the calculation of the result if the ride, due to the late entry into the finish radius, takes a little longer than the selected distance. The scoring (ACTYVOLTS) is calculated from the average performance along the entire distance travelled. FINISH OF A RIDE The app ends the ride AUTOMATICALLY, the user does not have to end the ride manually. This is done when the selected finish distance is reached within the finish radius or after entering the finish radius if the pre-selected distance has already been exceeded. Rides can also be terminated manually, but such terminated rides are not included in the ranking lists.





Users of the app participate in CHALLENGE competitions under their own responsibility and at their own risk. The organiser accepts no responsibility in the event of accident or illness. The organiser recommends that all participants prepare thoroughly and for a long period of time for a CHALLENGE and, if necessary, have their readiness to take part in the competition confirmed by a doctor beforehand.




Participants have to obey strictly the traffic rules and to comply at all times with the road traffic regulations and laws in the relevant country and region in which the ACTYVO Cycling & Challenge App is used (CHALLENGE & FREE RIDES).




For the calculation of the performance data, an algorithm is used to calculate a uniform result/scoring for the global comparison of the participants. The results of the rides completed by the participants are shown with the unit "ACTYVOLTS", these values serve as scoring for the comparison in the ranking lists. The higher the scoring, the better the performance and the higher the ranking. It should be mentioned that different basic data (weight, height) for men and women are stored in the performance calculation. Therefore, separate rankings of women and men are always created.





The scoring in ACTYVOLTS described in very brief terms follows the following approach. The distance cycled by the participant is recorded using the app and location service of the smartphone (GPS distance). At the same time, the relative altitude profile is recorded via the barometer sensor of the smartphone. Both data (GPS and barometer) are synchronized in the app system. After completion of a ride, the recorded data of the ride is transmitted by the app via smartphone (after finishing, an online connection is necessary for data transmission) to the backend, where the distance ridden is divided into vertical segments, each segment is individually calculated for performance data and then the result is sent back in ACTYVOLTS as scoring from the backend to the app.





The app offers a large number of classifications and rankings. Since CHALLENGE RIDES can be ridden daily and without restrictions (exception see "Start times"), there is a large variety of ranking lists and filter options as soon as a larger number of participants are on the app and complete rides.



As mentioned above, only CHALLENGE RIDES are included in the ranking lists (no results/scores of FREE RIDES). CHALLENGE scores are recorded at the beginning of the app in MONTHLY RANKINGS (calendar month) per distance. The best score (highest ACTYVOLTS score) of each individual user will appear in the MONTHLY RANKING per distance. After some time this will be extended to daily and weekly rankings. There will also be a YEARLY RANKING LIST which will include the best scoring per user per distance within a calendar year. Rankings for men and women are always kept separately and can be filtered by age group and nationality to show additional rankings.





The organiser can and will announce SPECIAL EVENTS which will be announced under "EVENTS" in the app or on (web event calendar). SPECIAL EVENTS may be subject to special conditions such as CHALLENGE RIDES on a weekend or for special distances. Prizes may also be offered. Participation in SPECIAL EVENTS is subject to the same conditions as for CHALLENGE RIDES. For your information: The participation and start on a SPECIAL EVENT is only possible in the app on the event day. Example: if a SPECIAL EVENT is announced on the weekend of 29/30 August 2023, participation on this event can only be selected during this time.





A separate classification (per distance) which is composed as follows. CHALLENGE SERIES - MONTHLY EVALUATION - the 6 best rides of the month (scoring from the CHALLENGE daily evaluation) are added up per user/participant - if the user has made less than 6 rides, then fewer rides are added up and taken into account in this evaluation - e.g. only 4 rides in the (calendar) month. CHALLENGE SERIES - YEARLY EVALUATION - the supreme discipline of the application, here the best 6 monthly scores (scoring from the CHALLENGE monthly scoring) are added and included in the ranking - again, if the user has less than 6 monthly scores, then fewer scores are added here as well. Note: in 2023, the annual ranking will be calculated using the 3 best monthly scores.





Women and men separately (age on the day of the CHALLENGE RIDE)

  • 16 - 24 years

  • 25 - 34 years

  • 35 - 44 years

  • 45 - 54 years

  • 55 - 64 years

  • Ø 65+





The following distances are available to users for FREE RIDES and CHALLENGE RIDES. The US mi values result from the conversion of the metric km distances.

  1. 36.5 km = 22.7 mi (Q36.5 distance)

  2. 50 km = 31.1 mi

  3. 75 km = 46.6 mi

  4. 100 km = 62.1 mi

  5. 150 km = 93.2 mi


SPECIAL EVENTS can be advertised for special distances.





TIMES FREE RIDES and CHALLENGE RIDES can only be started between 04.00 and 21.00 (local time). However, the finish of a started ride can also take place after 21.00. This rule also applies to SPECIAL EVENTS, unless other times are specified (e.g. Midday-Challenges). The starting time (time stamp of the start) of a ride will be considered for the inclusion in the ranking lists.







CHALLENGE rides can only be completed on human-powered bicycles. Assistance by motorised propulsion (electric, or otherwise) is prohibited. Motorised support vehicles to assist the participant during a CHALLENGE ride are also not permitted. Detectors (sensor technology) as well as algorithmic analyses in the application may detect differences and trigger a detailed investigation of the ride concerned. Investigations are subject to the DISCLOSURE REQUIREMENTS and the organiser may make disclosure claims as outlined in the DISCLOSURE REQUIREMENTS section.





Participants entitled to prize money/natural prizes (e.g. at SPECIAL EVENTS) may be requested by the organiser to disclose or provide access to additional personal sport app profiles for the purpose of possible verification or cross-referencing of the personal performance data of the participants concerned. Examples of personal sports app profiles (list not conclusive): Strava Profile, Garmin Connect, Wahoo Fitness, Training Peaks, Elite HRV etc. In addition, a copy of a valid official identification document (Passport, ID) must be submitted for the final release/payment of a prize/prize money, so the beneficial owner of the participant can be proved and a correct bank transfer can be processed. Bank transfer fees will be borne by the ordering bank and all other transaction, bank or withdrawal fees will be borne by the recipient. Prize money will be paid via bank transfer as soon as the race committee has completed the final check and approved it. No prize (money) entitlement will be released prior to the completion of the verification and submission of all personal details (passport/ID, bank details). Taxes and other duties or claims by authorities in the recipient's country which may arise from the payment of prize money as well as benefits in kind are the responsibility of the participant. The sole ranking (e.g.1st place in the ranking list of a category) does not automatically entitle the participant to receive the prize money or other advertised prizes. The organiser is entitled to withhold the prizes until the verification of the ride and the personal data has been completed.





Fairness and fair play at ACTYVO challenge competitions please! Disqualifications can be pronounced e.g. in case of false personal data (name, year of birth), unsportsmanlike behaviour (e.g. improper handling of the CHALLENGE, proof of support by a motorised escort, use of unauthorised aids, disregard of official instructions, disregard of road traffic regulations or doping) by the organiser. CHALLENGE rides must be driven entirely by the registered user (registered person). Passing on the smartphone (or other tracking devices) with the ACTYVO Cycling & Challenge App and identification (login) to other participants is not allowed. The organiser's jury will make the final decision on disqualifications; there is no right of appeal.





Anyone who does not complete a CHALLENGE, gives up, abandons or the user's smartphone is not sufficiently charged (battery) by the time the specified distance is reached is not entitled to a ranking and will not be ranked. Network and reception problems of the provider, as well as technical malfunctions of the smartphone operating system are not the responsibility of the organiser and cannot be considered. Any liability for damages resulting from limited system availability is excluded. LIABILITY Insurance is the responsibility of the participants. Every participant is recommended to be insured against accidents. ACTYVO is not liable for accidents, material defects, evacuation, hospitalisation, illness, technical defects or other incidents. If a registered participant does not show up for the start or declares his non-participation in advance to the organiser, there is no claim for refund or transfer of fees to subsequent years - even if a medical certificate is available. The organiser is also not liable for any loss or transport damages. ACTYVO is not an organiser of sporting events along the chosen completed route of the users/participants. All local, regional and national laws as well as the respective road traffic regulations must be observed and respected. The user declares that he/she uses the ACTYVO Cycling & Challenge App at his/her own risk.





The organiser is entitled to postpone, cancel or adjust the date of an announced competition (SPECIAL EVENTS) for an important reason. An important reason is in particular given if the implementation of the competition at the originally scheduled time becomes impossible due to an external, unforeseeable and unavoidable event of force majeure. In the event of a postponement, cancellation or occurrence due to force majeure, there shall be no entitlement to a refund of fees.





The following provisions apply to the collection and use of personal data. The organiser assures that the user data will be used exclusively for the use in the ACTYVO Cycling & Challenges app. By registering, you agree to the publication of your user name, age, competition, ride time and rank in the ranking lists of CHALLENGE RIDES. This consent applies to the publication in the app, on the Website, in print media and on social media. Without written notice to us (e-mail) up to one week before your first CHALLENGE, your personal data like name and first name, nationality, date of birth and e-mail address may be used by partners for services or promotions (exclusively for official sponsors or partners) purposes only. The detailed privacy policy of the ACTYVO Cycling and Challenges application can be viewed at Privacy Policy ACTYVO Cycling & Challenges.





The organiser reserves the right to change these regulations at any time. By continuing to use the ACTYVO offer, the user/participant confirms that he/she agrees with the regulations and possible revisions. The validity of these regulations will not be affected if the organiser adjusts individual challenges, products or segments in the ACTYVO Cycling & Challenges app, provided that the content remains essentially unchanged.





The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Schaffhausen, Swiss law applies.





For additional information please refer to our detailed terms and conditions.





The present version of the regulations forms the basis for translations into English (or other languages). In case of doubt, the German version shall prevail. We reserve the right to make changes.


Version: 1 June 2023

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