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How are ACTYVOLTS calculated?

The ACTYVOLTS (the unit of ride results) are calculated outside the app using a complex but very accurate algorithm. This calculation takes place in the backend of the app, so the transmission of the recorded data from your smartphone to the backend is necessary before the ACTYVOLTS and thus the result of your ride is calculated.

The ACTYCO C&C App records the route via GPS (lat/lon cordinates) and barometer sensor data (altitude data – heights) collected from the smartphone. The altitude (height) data are recorded as relative heights and are converted to absolute heights in the backend by use of a height database. There is also a smoothing mechanism to be used in the calculations.

The ACTYVOLTS calculation considers all factors of the ride on different route profiles. The overall route is divided into segments, each segment is calculated individually with regard to the required performance, taking into account the altitude profile. The sum of the calculated performance of all segments, taking into account the total ride time, results in the ACTYVOLTS of each ride.

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